Joe Feist – Rotarian of the Year
Wes Player, Immediate past president of the Deer Park Rotary Club selected Joe Feist as the “Rotarian of the Year”.  Joe, Principal at the Deer Park High School has been the force behind the club’s successful golf tournaments.
As a new member of the club with a golf tournament, he saw a way to contribute and serve.  And what a contribution he has made.  It takes many club members to plan and put on the annual tournament but it’s Joe who leads the way.  His strong relationships in the community have enhanced the success of this event.
Funds raised at the tournament support academic and vocational scholarships to deserving students in the Deer Park, Riverside and Mary Walker High Schools.
When accepting this award, it was clear that Joe’s reward for his work is shown in the joy expressed by the students when they receive one of these scholarships.